About Me

Hello, I’m Natalie. I’m the one trying to be Cathy McGowan in the picture below. Who do I think I’m fooling?!

Natalie Johnson CraftAGoGo

I’m Ms CraftAGoGo and I was – well still am, really – a ”60s person’ (I wasn’t allowed to be a Mod) and I love the look of fashions and artefacts from that period, though I’m interested in anything that looks a bit lively, really.

I’ve been making stuff since forever. I crocheted all my mates, including my mate and her husband:

Mikki and Julian Wedding

Mikki and Julian on their Wedding Day

Crocheted Mikki and Julian Wedding Couple Dolls

This is them in real life (with their cats)

(I’ve actually got more crocheted mates than this – I just didn’t take pictures of them when they were finished).

Ultimately I did for the BBC homepage for the 2012 Royal Wedding:

William and Kate Crochet on BBC Homepage

As you’ll see, out of a 50-50 choice, I made the wrong decision about what Prince William would wear on the day. He wisely went for the red, instead of this one, which, to be fair, looks a bit like a postman’s outfit.

The nonsense hats my friend and I wore on the day:

Daft Royal Crown

…and my mate’s fox outfit.

Fox Head on Gingham Dress

You get the gist of it! I’ll make anything and everything…

Things recently changed though, in a big way…I’ve just discovered the Cricut Maker – an electronic cutting machine – and life will never be the same again!

You can do anything with it – but I’ve found a lot of the availability of files quite limiting…so I’m producing my own, and this site is where I share them all, along with other craft stuff and anything I learn on the way.

If you have any questions at all, about sewing –  techniques, or vintage patterns, or fabrics or…maybe you want me to have a go at creating a vintage-style item that isn’t up here so far then please contact me and I’ll get onto it!