How to Customise a Swing Card for ANY Occasion Using Cricut Design Space: Livestream Series Part 5

Swing Card Promo Video Archive

The final day of our five-livestream series involved some Design Space stuff and some…actual, physical, PVA-wielding crafting! We showed you how to make your own customised card using our FREE swing card template – using our own practical example, which turned out to be a ‘hank you’ card to a cat. (Yes…the ‘T’ went missing…) Anyway…

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Making a Personalised Christmas Advent Calendar on your Cricut – FREE SVG DXF EPS PNG PDF Cut Files

personalised advent calendar cricut

To make a Personalised Advent Calendar you will need: 3-4 sheets A3 cardstock (in the colour you’d like to make the housing in) Medium-weight cardstock in whatever colour(s) you want to make the drawers in. Small amount vinyl for the drawer numbers and personalisation design PVA glue and spreader Masking tape (otherwise known as Painter’s…

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