Making Colour-changing Mugs with the Cricut or Silhouette

Mug with Eyes Cricut Project

This is a really fun project…it’s a colour-changing mug you can make on your cutting machine. Before you pour hot water into it, your mug is ‘asleep, with eyes shut, eye bags and frown lines. After you’ve poured hot water (and presumably, some caffeine-heavy sustaining beverage…OK, coffee or tea!) then the eyes become alert! Er…please…

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Free Etsy Cheat Sheet for Crafters

I’m still getting lots of positive feedback for the Etsy Cheat Sheet which I put out as a freebie in January, so I thought I’d create a page for it! Fill in the form below and the guide is yours, free! Things have changed slightly since then – Boardbooster is no more (so I’ve removed…

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