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How to Customise a Swing Card for ANY Occasion Using Cricut Design Space: Livestream Series Part 5

Swing Card Promo Video Archive

The final day of our five-livestream series involved some Design Space stuff and some…actual, physical, PVA-wielding crafting! We showed you how to make your own customised card using our FREE swing card template¬†– using our own practical example, which turned out to be a ‘hank you’ card to a cat. (Yes…the ‘T’ went missing…) Anyway…

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How to Clean a Cricut Cutting Machine Mat

dirty green cricut cutting mat

It’s so frustrating when a project gets shredded by your Cricut machine because your cutting mat wasn’t clean or sticky enough. It’s especially important – especially when you’re cutting intricate designs – that your cutting surface is free of any fragments of paper or cardstock (or any other cutting material). Of course, ultimately you’ll need…

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