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Hello Crafters!

Hope you are having a lovely spring and a big ‘HELLO!’ to all our new members! It’s been a while, but there’s a lot to share….

First of all, Facebook is a funny place (though I still recommend you join CraftAGoGo: Crucial Crafting, of course).

You see…I’ve got a cousin in Canada (she was born in the UK, but they emigrated in the ‘70s) called Heather. For years and years, I thought we had got on OK. Until she posted her favourite old photos to Facebook.

What I have to say at this point was – my mam was a brilliant seamstress…and that the ‘70s was HORRIBLE for nasty synthetic fabrics with horrible patterns. In my first school photo, I wore an acrylic dress with a patchwork pattern (I can’t even think about it without getting a static shock) and when I’d grown out of it, she kindly sent the dress to (slightly younger) Heather. Who also wore it for her first school photo.

Here’s Heather’s first school photo:

And here’s mine (as posted on Facebook by Heather):

OK, I look sedated, which was funny enough but…can you see the other difference?! Apparently, Heather was furious that I was wearing her (lovely patchwork acrylic dress) first. Either that or…well, I don’t like to think what she was feeling when she lashed out with her pen!

ANYWAY – that’s the inspiration for today’s card! Which – with our instructions – is FULLY CUSTOMISABLE to suit ANY occasion. (And if that sounds scary, don’t worry – we’re going to give you more ideas and files and help you along the way!) Both are FREE!

This is obviously a retro design, but the point is, you can make THIS type of card (it’s a circular swing card – when shut, it shows a message, and, when you open it, the circle at the front of the card (‘Happy Birthday’) rotates to reveal the back of the card – in this case a photo). But that’s not the important thing. The important thing is:


And we’ll show you how…simply fill in the form and you’ll get an email asking you to confirm (at which point you’ll get the files and full instructions…instantly): In the coming days, though, we’ll be showing exactly how you can change it, starting with a birth announcement card (though please do let us know if you’d like any style or occasion in particular, so we can include what’s popular).

See, I was ecstatic when my Cricut arrived, and then a little bewildered. I found Design Space a little bit clunky…but then I realised…to get the most out of it. I really needed to make my own files. Luckily, I already had Illustrator skills, and realised that designing OUTSIDE of Design Space was the key in getting my Cricut to create SO MANY amazing things. It grieves me to see other people struggling because they can’t get their sophisticated machines to do what they want!

I started putting out my own files – everything from stick figures to gift boxes to straw toppers. I had no idea how many people would be interested. I really didn’t expect my files to gain so much interest, but I got so many questions from people online and in person.

I’ve learned such a lot along the way: how to get Design Space to do what you want it to do, how to make completely original designs from freely-available resources on the internet, all of the main pop-up techniques to make really impressive cards for every occasion… If you can use Illustrator or Inkscape, your Cricut is a whole new machine…I still can’t get over the fact that if I can visualise something (well – mainly things smaller than 11.5” wide!) I can make them!

Now, I’m excited to share more about this with you in a new way!

As well as the free guide I just mentioned, I’m also excited to announce we’re working on something really exciting behind the scenes…

A way for you to get all of our templates, guides and tutorials all in one step-by-step guide, so you don’t have to scour blogs and Youtube for hit-or-miss info.

A way for you to do this at your own pace, from wherever you are, anywhere in the world.

A way for you to get our best training and step-by-step help without travelling to one of our in-person workshops…

We’re hard at work on this brand new resource for you.

In the meantime, download the free guide to Design Space (with customisable swing card template!) by filling in your details in the form below.

It’s the perfect way to get started on getting full creative control over your cutting machine NOW!

I’ll be telling you more in the weeks ahead so stay tuned!

In the meantime, thank you so much for your support – hope you have fun with the files!


  1. Elizabeth on 05/28/2018 at 11:28 am

    Thank you for the free guide and file!

    • craftagogo on 05/28/2018 at 12:51 pm

      You are very welcome Elizabeth – hope you make some fab cards!

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