Creating A Tiny Letter for the Tooth Fairy – FREE Cricut SVG DXF PDS Cut File

Tiny letter from tooth fairyWe all know that the tooth fairy is very busy. So busy that – should your little one lose a tooth – you might have to do a bit of admin on his/her behalf, and write a very polite letter of thanks to enclose with the reward for the shiny tooth!

Today’s file enables you to do that easily – with the miracle of Write and Cut on your Cricut Maker!

Writing with Cricut fonts is a hard one to get write…you can hand-write your wedding invitations with it, though it might take a while. However, the thing we love about this project is that the Cricut creates teeny-tiny handwriting! (Of a size that only fairies can write!) The magic in this is the minuscule size of fairy communication!

We experimented a bit…you can’t write with any old font…or at any old size. But if you follow our instructions you’ll do the fairies proud!

You will need:

The pen you got with the Cricut Maker. (0.3 Black Cricut Pen)

Paper in two or three colours (in tiny amounts – far less than A5!)

You’ll also need to download the Take Me Out font – it’s a free single-line font (single-line fonts are the ones you need to use if you don’t want to just create outlines when writing with your Cricut).

Preparing the Pattern: 

  1. The FREE zip file is called which, once clicked on, will open to reveal an svg and a text file.
  2. Open Design Space, create a New Project and import lettertotoothfairy.svg.importing tooth fairy letter into Design Space
  3. Select all of the pieces and click on Ungroup. (You might have to do this more than once).
  4. Now, you need to convert the rectangles within the yellow and green shapes to score line. Do this by selecting the rectangle in each and converting it from Cut to Score. (If you look in the right-hand margin the rectangle will be selected – so click on the Scissor icon and when the Layer Attributes panel pops up, select ‘Score’). Now, the rectangles will appear on the screen as dashed lines:Tooth Fairy Letter Envelopes in Design Space
  5. Convert the other rectangle (again, by selecting it and looking in the right-hand margin – but changing the colour this time) to white to make it easier to read!
  6. Click on ‘Text’ in the left-hand margin. A box will appear.
  7. Open the lettertotoothfairy.txt file. Customise it by replacing the name ‘Ethan’ to the name of the child you’re sending this to.
  8. Copy the text, and paste it into the text box you’ve opened in Design Space. It’s likely to be huge! So change the font size to 8 and the font to Take Me Out (link above if you haven’t downloaded it already).
  9. Position the text so it sits comfortably on the rectangle.
  10. In the right hand margin, select the text box and click on the Scissor icon. Change it to ‘Write’ and choose a pen.
  11. Click and drag to select the rectangle and text and click on Attach.

You’re now ready to Write and Cut!

Assembling the pieces:

  1. The pieces will look like this:Pieces for tooth fairy letter and envelope
  2. Fold down the score lines of the envelope pieces, and apply glue to the back of the white inner envelope piece:Glue on tooth fairy envelope piece

3. Place on top of the outer envelope piece. Fold over the edges and glue to form an envelope.Tooth fairy envelope assembly

4.Insert your message and seal up.

Tooth fairy sealed envelope

It’s now ready to be put beneath a pillow!

Some tips:

The longer I experimented with this, the thicker the text became! I really think the Cricut pens – though prone to drying up if left on their sides – become quite thick if you use them for too long!

Free Tooth Fairy Letter SVG File

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