How to Make a St Patrick’s Day Shaker Card with your Cricut – FREE SVG DXF EPS PNG PDF Files

It may be a celebration of Ireland’s patron saint – credited with converting Ireland to Christianity – but celebrations for St Patrick’s Day have spread around the world, and are also rather enthusiastic in the United States! If you want to send a card to mark the day, then why not give our shaker card a try? Shaker cards have loose, confetti-type pieces in the front, which move around when you shake them. Ours is in the shape of a shamrock and houses confetti in glittered silver, orange and green! All you need is a few pieces of paper, some acetate, our FREE SVG (fill in the form below to download it!) and your cutting machine – whether it’s a Cricut or a Silhouette – five file types are included) will do the hard work.

St Patrick's Day Shaker Card

To make a St Patrick’s Day Shaker Card on your Cricut or Silhouette you will need:

  • A sheet of A4 or letter-sized cardstock in dark green
  • A sheet of A4 or letter-sized cardstock in white
  • A sheet of A4 or letter-sized cardstock in mid-green
  • Small amount orange cardstock
  • Small amount silver glitter cardstock
  • Piece of clear acetate (about 6″ x 6″ or 15cm x 15cm)
  • Small amount metallic vinyl
  • Glue (I used roller tape glue)
  • Foam adhesive tape
  • Cricut Pen to write the message inside your card (I used a green one!)

Equipment Required to Make Your St Patrick’s Day Shaker Card:

    • Cutting Machine with Fine Point Blade (we used a Cricut Maker) and scoring wheel or scoring stylus
    • Cutting Mat
    • Weeding tool
    • Our FREE cut file – simply fill in the form below and we’ll send it to you via email!

Preparing the Cut File for your St Patrick’s Day Shaker Card:

  1. Open a New Project and click on ‘Import Images’.
  2. Choose the file you’ve downloaded – it’ll be ‘StPatricksDayShakeredit.svg’ (or whatever format your machine uses). Your canvas will show the design.St Patrick's Day Shaker Card Design SpaceClick on each card and choose ‘Ungroup’ for these, too.
  3. With your shift key pressed down, go to the right-hand margin and select the two lines that run down the centre of the cards. They will appear in a slightly darker grey shade, as shown in the image below:Score Lines Design SpaceThen go to the menu bar at the top of the screen where it says ‘Linetype’ and, from the dropdown, choose ‘Score.’Linetype ScoreNow, on the canvas, each of these card pieces will be dotted, showing that they will now be scored (with a wheel or stylus) rather than cut.
  4. Left click and drag over the green rectangle that has a shamrock cut out of it and then click on Attach (either at the bottom of the right-hand margin, or by right-clicking and choosing from the pop-up menu, as shown below. Don’t worry – your other shamrock and your message hasn’t disappeared! Simply click on the green piece and choose Arrange>Send to Back from the menu bar at the top and they’ll appear again!Attach Score Lines CricutRepeat this for the white rectangle.
  5. Click on the tiny orange shamrock and Copy it – either by clicking on Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V or Cmd+C then Cmd+V,  or right-clicking and choosing ‘Copy’ in the pop-up menu, and then doing the same but choosing ‘Paste.’ Select both and copy. Keep selecting and copying the shamrocks until you have a good number…I did 32 of each colour for my card! (Though they are orange, we are going to cut the 32 three times – on different colours of cardstock).
  6. Click on your message and right-click, choosing ‘Attach’ from the pop-up menu (or choose ‘Attach’ in the right-hand margin).St Patricks Day Message
  7. Finally, click on the Text Tool (the ‘T’ in the left-hand margin) and when the box pops up, type your message. (You might want to choose something different – this one does repeat the message on the front of the card!)Writing Message Inside Card on Cricut
  8. Change the text to the font you want (in the ‘Font’ box at the top of the screen), and make sure you use a Writing font or a font that looks like one (I’ve used ‘Always Here’ which is a free font available at Select your text and, using the arrow key to the bottom-right of the narrow blue box that surrounds your text, resize it so it fits on the card. Move it so it’s in the position you want, and then left-click and drag over the whole card before clicking on ‘Attach’.St Patricks Day MessageYou’re now ready to start cutting out! Click on the green ‘Make It!’ button to begin.

Cutting out the pieces for your St Patrick’s Day Shaker Card:

Cutting Mats in Cricut DS

  1. You’ll now see the cutting mat layout on the screen. There will be five mats. All pieces apart from the message/sentiment (which is cut out of vinyl) and the shamrock shown in black (which is cut out of acetate) are cut out of cardstock, though you’ll need to insert the pen and the scoring wheel when Cricut Design Space instructs you to on the screen. The colours are up to you, but we used two shades of green for the card, rose gold vinyl for the message, and – once the orange pieces of ‘confetti’ (i.e. the 32 tiny shamrocks!) were cut, we cut them again out of green and then silver glitter cardstock. We ended up with this – it’s so amazing how well the Cricut Maker cuts these tiny pieces!St Patrick's Day Confetti on the Cricut

Assembling your St Patrick’s Day Shaker Card:

Here are all the pieces you will now have…though you should also have the message for the front – I forgot to include that in my photo!

Pieces for St Patrick's Day Card

  1. Fold the green piece of card, and on the inside of the card, apply a thin line of glue (I used a roller applicator) around the cut-out shamrock.Glue Around Shamrock
  2. Affix the acetate shamrock to this piece, ensuring the edges cover the glue. Allow to dry.
  3. Staying on the side where you glued the acetate shamrock, apply the foam tape – it needs to be in a rectangle on the edge but within the left part of the card (i.e. to the left of the central fold) and all around the shamrock. It doesn’t have to be too exact…you just want there to be a ‘barrier’ that will stop your confetti getting lost in the rest of the card! Just make sure it doesn’t go outside the rectangle or inside the acetate shape! Don’t worry if it looks a bit messy right now – as you can see, mine did! It’ll be covered up soon!Foam tape on back of card
  4. Carefully place the confetti on top of the acetate piece, making sure none of it sticks to the tape. I used one-sided glitter card for the silver pieces…if you’ve done that, make sure they are face down so that they are facing outwards when the pieces are together.confetti in card
  5. Remove the backing from the foam tape. Fold the white rectangle and, making sure that the message is facing upwards and on the right of the card, carefully attach the left side of the card so that the left side of the card, and the top and bottom of it (left of the fold) are matched as you press the card down on the foam tape. Apply Card to Foam Tape
  6. Once that’s attached then lift the non-glued half of the white rectangle and apply glue to the remaining side of the card, before pressing it together.Glued Back of Card
  7. Fold the card. Apply glue to the cut-out shamrock piece and attach to the front of the card, around the edge of the acetate.Apply Shamrock to Cricut Card
  8. Using transfer tape or painter’s/masking tape, apply your vinyl message to the front of the card.Applying Message to Front of Card Cricut

Congratulations – you card is complete! (And Happy St Patrick’s Day!)

Not tried it yet but fancy ago? Get your FREE file by filling in and submitting the form below!

St Patrick's Day Shaker Card


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