Intricate Pop-up Flower Thank You Card Cut File for Cricut and Silhouette

Pop-up Flower Thank you Card

This project is dainty and fiddly but so cute! It measures a miniscule 12cm by 10cm when open – BUT, as the graphic files are svgs, it is easy to resize! I’ve made it in an A4 size but I don’t know…it didn’t have as much impact in my opinion!

I got into the world of pop-ups as I was waiting for my Cricut Maker to arrive. I did a Ferris Wheel (which I’ll be sharing later on!)

But…reading the (SUPERB) Japanese books – they mention all sorts of things. First of all…Kent paper. What the hell is that?!

I’m in Kent! And nobody ever talks about it? Is this like when Americans talk of English muffins and I don’t know what they are either?

The books also use ‘Japanese rice paper’. To me, rice paper is this marvellous thing that used to appear on top of synthetic cream cakes from Northern bakeries.

ANYWAY – I experimented and realised that I couldn’t do that – I substituted rice paper with tissue paper but it wasn’t anywhere near strong enough. And the threads tore through it anyway. So – today’s make is made ENTIRELY from very basic cardstock from B&M bargains! It’s in lovely pastelly spring colours.

You will need:

Three sheets of medium-weight A4 cardstock

Our cut file

Preparing the pattern:

  1. Select everything and click on ‘Ungroup’
  2. Change the lines – shown as dotted below (by selecting them and clicking on the Scissors icon in the right hand margin – then choosing ‘Score’ when the layers attribute appears) into score lines. There are three pieces you need to focus on – the card inner (which has a central fold), the card outer (which also has a central fold) and the longest piece with the slits in, which has four small vertical and one large horizontal score lines:Sunflower Thank You card in Design Space
  3. Individually select the pieces you’ve added score lines to and click on ‘Attach’.

Now, cut out the pieces as directed by your machine (there’ll be three cutting mats).

Assembling the card:

  1. Once cutting has commenced, you’ll have the following pieces:Pieces for sunflower pop-up card
  2. Glue the octagon shape (with the square cut-out) and position it on top of the square in the inner card piece:Gluing together the pop-up card

Assembling the sunflower pop-up card

3. Slot the two largest of the individual pieces with slits together at their central slits:Central pieces of sunflower pop up card

Central pieces of sunflower pop up card slotted together

4. Now, take the remaining four pieces and slot them together as shown (NB NOT via the central or the end slots…the ones between these!):Slotting together pop up pieces

5. Carefully turn both ‘units’ upside down, and slot the central section (i.e. the first one you assembled, with two pieces) on top of the other section (the one that looks like a hashtag!), taking special care to join up the slots.Slotted together pop up pieces

6. Now, take the remaining piece (the one that looks like four Pac-Man ghosts in a row!) and bend over the folds several times so they are fully flexible. Then apply glue as shown.Making pop-up card structure

7. Join to form a square. Turn upside down:Pop-up pieces upside down

8. Now, lower the other, slotted-together pieces to form a single unit, carefully matching the slits. This is REALLY fiddly, but you’ll get there! Slide it down so that the slots on the outside square extend beyond the rest of the pieces:Slotting base of flower card together

Centre of pop-up card

9. Glue the small flap pieces and attach them to the ends of the piece you’ve just assembled:Gluing pop-up pieces for flower card

Glued flaps on flower card

10.Take the inner card piece and apply glue as shown, around edges of octagon. Attach petals.Gluing base of pop-up card

Attaching petals to pop-up flower card

11. Bend over the edges of central, slotted-together unit:Bending over edges of pop up piece

12. Glue around the square of the inner card piece:Gluing card together

13. Slide the slotted-together piece through the central square, and glue the folded-over slots to the edges of the square at the back:

Sliding pop up section into flower card


Gluing slots over back of pop-up card

14. Now, (and this is quite important!) LET IT DRY.

15. Once dry, carefully fold the card shut, paying special attention to the outer edges. Some of them may be bent at first, so you’ll need to carefully put them into place.Closing the flower pop-up card

This is how it will look at the back – pay attention to make sure it’s glued properly.

Back view of pop-up card

16. Apply plenty of glue to the outer part of the card (the section that has ‘Thank You!’ on it, though not in this photo!) and attach the inner to the outer pieces:

Putting together the pop-up flower thank you card

You’ve done it!!! Well done!

Sunflower pop-up card

Want to have a go yourself? Download the pop-up flower Thank You card file!


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