Make Halloween Bunting or Banners with Bats, Ghosts, Pumpkins and Spiders: Cricut Silhouette Cut Files – SVG, DXF, EPS, PNG PDF

Halloween seems to get more and more elaborate each year, so how fantastic is it that we (well…those of us who made the fantastic decision to get a cutting machine!) can join in the fun at a moment’s notice and rustle up something from scratch?

halloween kawaii bunting for cricut or silhouette

We present bats…

Kawaii Bats Bunting for Cricut or SilhouetteGhosts…

Kawaii Ghosts Bunting for Cricut or Silhouette


Pumpkins Bunting for Cricut or Silhouette

and spiders…

Kawaii Spiders Bunting for Cricut or Silhouette

Or…you can just mix and match!

Halloween Bunting Cut Files for Cricut or Silhouette

Oh no – is it too late to tell you warn you of the terrifying nature of this content? I do apologise! In the meantime, let’s power on!

To make Kawaii Halloween Bunting you will need:

  • Sheets of A4 (or letter-sized) cardstock in the shades that correspond with the version you’re making
  • PVA glue (or whichever type of glue you prefer)
  • Cricut Maker and Fine Point Blade
  • 1cm-wide ribbon (mine is a sort of chiffony silver)
  • Our Halloween Bunting SVG Cut File

Preparing the Cut File for your Kawaii Halloween Bunting:

  1. Open a New Project and click on ‘Import Images’.
  2. Choose the file you’ve downloaded – it’ll be ‘halloweenbunting.svg’ (or whatever format your machine uses). (If you got the file for a single type of bunting, your file will be called ‘batbunting.svg’, ‘pumpkinbunting.svg’, ‘ghostbunting.svg’ or ‘spiderbunting.svg’). Your canvas will show the design.
  3. Click on the design on the canvas and choose ‘Ungroup’ from the top of the right-hand margin.Halloween Bunting Design Space
  4. And…that’s all you need to do! Apart from deleting the things you don’t want to cut, and cutting and pasting if you want to make a row of bunting (which is likely! In which case, all you need to do is drag and drop until you have covered the section you want, and right-clicking before selecting ‘Copy’ from the dropdown menu). Please note: If I was doing this in vinyl, or if it was more complicated, I’d be using transfer tape. However, the faces are simple enough that they can be cut out from the paper and then assembled individually. (You can of course use transfer tape if you prefer – if you go via this route you’ll need to select the individual facial features and click on ‘Attach’ of course!) Click on ‘Make It!’
  5. Bearing in mind what we just said, your mat will look something like this:ghost bunting in cricut design space…that is, with the elements of the face (and the faces of the other versions, if you’re cutting them too) arranged in a random fashion at the side!)
  6. Cut the various colours of cardstock.

Assembling your Kawaii Halloween Bunting:

Once you’ve completed cutting, you’ll end up with something like the following (depending on which version(s) of the bunting you’re making:Halloween bunting pieces

It couldn’t be easier to assemble them! It’s a matter of putting a small amount of PVA Glue and sticking the component parts together.

Here are the bat pieces:

Halloween Bat Bunting Pieces

Apply the eyes and fangs as shown:

kawaii bat with white face cricut

The cheeks go beneath the eyes:

bat with cheeks cricut

Now, apply glue to the back of your bat (though not as far as the tips of the wings!) so you can apply it to the yellow circle as shown):

bat bunting cut file for cricut

Well done! You’ve made your bat bunting! All you need to do now is thread ribbon through the holes. I prefer to enter the hole from the front, then pull it across the back to emerge on the other side.

It’s a similar process for the others, except they only need facial features gluing on as shown:

The spider file has an eye shut and an eye open, but you can of course make them both open or both shut!

 spider bunting cut file from cricut

…apart from the pumpkin, which also requires its stalk to be stuck on top! (And the cheeks…as you can see in the photo below!)

pumpkin bunting on cricut

Here are all four, assembled:

Halloween Bunting Cut File for Cricut

All you need to do now is (having made as many pieces as you want!) is feed the ribbon through one of the holes (from front to back), pull it across, and poke it out from back to front. Pull it along and repeat for as many pieces as you want!

Do let us know how you get on in the comments below – and don’t forget to let us know how you get on making this or our other projects in the CraftAGoGo Crucial Crafting Facebook group!

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