Making a Carry Case for your Cricut Machine – FREE sewing pattern for the Cricut Maker

Making a Cricut Carrycase on your MakerAs I want to be able to transport my Cricut Maker – and I know a lot of people like to carry theirs around to classes, craft fairs and the like – I really wanted to make a case for the Cricut Maker that I could actually CUT on the Cricut Maker. For a while I wasn’t sure this was doable because:

  • the maximum length you can cut fabric on the Cricut is 23.5″
  • I wanted to create some padding for the bag – i.e. use decent batting

To my surprise…it actually worked – not only that, it was a breeze to cut! Because I did it on my Cricut Maker! I even enjoyed one of my least favourite tasks (pressing seams) by using my Easypress!

It might seem odd to be using the Cricut to cut out these patterns, since the bag is a series of rectangles only slightly smaller than they need to be cut to stick on the Cricut mat. Well there’s a simple reason: accuracy! Cutting rectangles might seem simple, but – especially when it comes to cutting large pieces of slidy silky lining (which I hate doing!) it is so hard to get an accurate cut. With the Cricut Maker, you can just stretch it out and stick it on the mat, and you get an accurate cut!

What REALLY astonished me though is…the Maker has a Quilt Batting setting! I can’t get over it! This machine will be amazing for quilting as well as everything else! (Just make sure that you push the rollers to the side before you begin.


You will need:

2 metres fairly heavy fabric (I’ve used a sturdy polycotton bearing a Hello Kitty design!)

2 metres quilt batting/wadding (to pad your bag)

2 metres lining

22″ zip

2.2m webbing (25mm wide, for the handles)

Strong sewing thread

You’ll also need the rotary blade on your Cricut

Cutting the pieces:

From each type of material you’re using (that is, exterior fabric, batting and lining) you will need to cut :

3 x largest piece

2 x long narrow piece

2 x square piece

BUT ALSO – two of the smallest piece, from the exterior fabric only

Assembling the bag:

  1. Lay the quilt batting on top of its corresponding fabric piece. (Do this for all pieces)
  2. Take two of the largest pieces (these will be the side pieces). Cut 2 x 115cm-long pieces from the webbing and arrange them against each of the side pieces of the bag as shown – with the outer edges of the webbing 17cm away from the edge of the fabric on each side.

Arranging webbing handles on Cricut carry case3. Pin handles to pattern and sew the webbing at each side, from the bottom to the top – but stopping about 12mm from the top.

4. Then sew reinforcing lines (i.e. a few times back and forth) across each band at the very bottom of the ends of the straps and also about 12mm from the top as shown:

5. Repeat for another of the large pieces, which will be the other side piece of the bag.

6. The remaining large piece is the bottom of the bag. Take one of the side pieces you have just attached webbing to, and, right sides together, sew along the longest edge.

Attach base to side of bag on Cricut


7. Sew remaining side piece to the bottom, along the edge where the handles are attached.Sewing sides of Cricut carry case together

8. Press seams open. I’ve always hated ironing so…I decided to use my Easypress! It worked a treat!

Pressing seams of bag with Cricut Easypress

9. With right sides together, start to pinthe side pieces – that is, the square pieces (with their associated batting!) to the edges of the pieces you’ve already sewn together.


Pinning edge of Cricut bag to the main section


Side pinned to the main part of Cricut bag


10. Sew around the seams. Repeat for the other side piece. Press seams open.

You now have a box shape!

Main Cricut carry case assembled

11. Take the small squares of fabric. Turn the edges over, and sew them at the ends of the zips as shown.Applying ends to zips on Cricut bag


12. Right sides together, pin one of the two long sections of external fabric (with batting underneath) to zip edge. Underneath, with ride side of lining against wrong side of zip, pin corresponding lining to the zip. Use the same pins to hold it all together! Stitch, using your sewing machine’s zipper foot.Attaching lining and fabric to zip for Cricut bag

13. Fold back, press and topstitch the section you just attached.

Topstitching zip on Cricut bag

14. Repeat steps 12 and 13 for the other side of the zip. Press.Pressing zip open on Cricut carrycase


Sewing the lining: 

For this, you’re really repeating the process you did for the outside of the bag, only without the handles!

15. Put two of the largest pieces right sides together and sew down the longest side:Sewing Cricut carrycase lining together

16. Attach the remaining side and press seams open (and press it a lot better than in my photo!!!):

Cricut carrycase pressed lining

17. Attach side squares on both sides:

Attach sides of lining to Cricut carrycase

18. Press. You now have two box shapes!

19. You now need to take the fabric/batting version of the ‘box’ (that you made earlier!) and stitch the ‘lid’ on it – but stop whenever you get to the zip! Press.Sewing top onto Cricut carrycase

20. Turn it inside out.Now, you need to (right sides together) attach the lining ‘box’ to the lining – this time you can sew over the zips (an indeed the fabric/batting layer!) Leave enough space open to turn it inside out.

21. Turn it right sides out, and handstitch remaining gap in the lining.

Carrycase for the Cricut Maker or Explore

You did it! You’ve now got a padded bag to carry your Cricut cutting machine around in!

Carrycase for the Cricut Maker SVG file

Want to have a go yourself? Fill in the details below and get the FREE pattern now!

But, you can win all THE RAW MATERIALS you need to make this bag: yes…that’s Hello Kitty Fabric! Batting! Webbing! Lining! Zip…and all of the other sewing projects we’re attempting this month at our fantastic CraftAGoGo Great Crafting Giveaway! We’ve got over £100-worth of stuff to give away to one lucky winner. If you haven’t entered you’ve still got time…and don’t forget, if you share the competition you get more chances to win!

Free Cricut Carrybag Pattern

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  1. Tina Marie on 03/12/2018 at 5:04 am

    This carry case for the Cricut Maker is awesome. Great instructions too.

    • craftagogo on 03/13/2018 at 3:37 am

      Thank you Tina Marie, I hope you make a great bag for your Cricut!:-)

  2. Naaz on 06/07/2018 at 7:55 pm

    Hi thanks for the cricut maker carry bag pattern. I am planning to make one. I am a newbie just bought my maker. I tried to go though the pattern but couldnt find the exact measurements of the pieces I need to cut. Would u be able to specify the measurements of each piece that need to be cut pls. It will be very helpful. Thanks

  3. Lori on 01/08/2019 at 1:04 am

    Can this pattern be used for the Explore air 2?

    • craftagogo on 01/08/2019 at 1:18 am

      Hello Lori! Thank you very much for your message. I understand that you *can* cut some fabrics on the Explore Air 2, but you would have to bond them first. Although this pattern has fusible interfacing ironed onto it, I haven’t actually cut fabric with the Explore Air 2 so I’m sorry I can’t give you a definitive answer. I would maybe try on small pieces of fabric first?

  4. michael v on 04/26/2019 at 9:34 pm

    i just found your pattern on Ety and excited to make it.
    i think i am going to be fuzing layers of plastic bags together to make my own recycled bags fabric and making this so it is a little more rugged.

    i am not sure if anyone has tried it before? i also want to make a little add on bag for the easy press as well? maybe add a zipper on the end?

    What do you all think?? let me know.

    • craftagogo on 04/26/2019 at 11:07 pm

      Thank you very much for your comment. What do I think?! I love it!!! I’m excited to see the outcome, Michael – especially this recycled bags fabric you mention. I’ve been meaning to make an EasyPress bag too – it’d be lovely to have a matching kit wouldn’t it? Hope you have fun and let us see what you come up with! 😀

  5. corrine holshue on 05/14/2019 at 4:51 am

    I have a scan n cut can i use this pattern for it..

  6. Shirl on 05/17/2019 at 6:53 pm

    What a wonderful pattern! I just wish I had somewhere to actually take my maker! Would definitely make this then!

  7. Sandra on 02/07/2020 at 3:51 am

    Cannot wait to make it for my daughter

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