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I had no idea what to put on a make-up bag. There are so many brilliant slogans out there…and I wanted to do something simple and from the heart (I didn’t expect the 117+ stick figures to take so long the past few days!)

So I thought about my own reactions to make up. I can’t do the natural look. I will never be able to do the natural look. I’m certainly not going to make the effort to apply make-up if it’s going to look natural! I hope I’m not the only one. It’s a bit UK-centric maybe, but it’s exactly what I’d say (well have said, on many occasions!)

PLEASE NOTE: I am not saying there is anything at all wrong with not wearing make-up! I just can’t ever create the ‘natural look’ (i.e. make-up applied to look natural) without appearing to have been punched in the face!

Also – I apologise for the censorship in this post – the word ‘flip’ is far too graphic for anyone reading early on in the day…though I’ve just used it of course. All I can say is how sorry I am.

Anyway – this is a simple product that uses holographic htv and glittery pink htv, on top of a black gusseted Westwood Mills make-up bag. All of which have now been added to our giveaway box! Enter now to be in with a chance to win it all if you haven’t already!

You will need: 

Blank 18cm x 27.5cm Westwood Mills gusseted make-up bag

Small amount of holographic htv in two different colours

An SVG file (get ours for free below!)

Prepare the Pattern:

  1. In Design Space, create a New Project and Import naturallookmakeupbag.svgNatural Look Make-up Bag
  2. Click on the writing (a box will appear around it) and Ungroup the file in the right-hand margin
  3. Select ‘The natural look’ and Attach it (by clicking on the paperclip icon under the list of items in the bottom right-hand margin)
  4. Repeat, but for ‘F*** THAT!’
  5. Select both phrases and Attach them.

You’re (almost!) ready to start cutting!

Cut the Pattern:

I said ‘almost’ just then because there’s something you have to do first:

  1. IMPORTANT: You need to have your heat transfer vinyl FACE DOWN – the transfer sheet is attached to the other side, and you don’t want to cut through that bit! We’ve turned the edge up to show you, below – this is a bright pink glitter heat transfer vinyl, so it’s super-obvious what the ‘right’ side is. Though the contrast isn’t always so extreme, it’s normally easy to tell – the ‘wrong’ side is always less shiny.Glitter Pink HTV on Cricut Cutting Mat
  2. ALSO IMPORTANT (!): However, the fact you’ve placed your vinyl face-down means that you have to Mirror the design, or your design will be cut in reverse! This is done at the cutting stage – the point at which Design Space shows you what your pattern layout is like. For example, here we have our first phrase, AFTER we’ve clicked on the Mirror button (the green one just below the mat mock-up):Mirroring in Cricut Maker Design SpacePlease note: If you somehow cancel your cut during the process, you’ll probably have to switch the Mirror button on again – check the mat mock-up on your screen before cutting to make sure.
  3. Once you’ve weeded your design (which is a HUGELY satisfactory process!) you’ll end up with these two pieces:Weeded Design in HTV

4. You’ve basically got two big stickers – you just need to turn them over and apply them to your bag. It’s a good idea to use a ruler at this point to make sure the pieces are an equal distance from the edges (i.e. positioned centrally!):Make Up back with htv sticker

5. At this point I used my Cricut EasyPress, which I really love due to its ease of use and portability – however, I know there are other heat presses around and that many people use irons! However, if you’re using the Easy Press it’s a good idea to put a teflon sheet inside the item and on top between your press and the design (something I always seem to forget to do!) You should also be working on top of a heat-resistant mat (in my case I’m using new tea towels on the floor!)

6. After you’ve pressed it for the appropriate amount of times (always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as different types of vinyl require different treatment), let it cool a bit and check the edges tentatively to see if the design has stuck. Press a little but more if not. Once it seems pretty settled, then you can remove the plastic (another hugely satisfactory process!)Peeling transfer backing from glitter HTVI do apologise for the inadvertent hand gestures in this photo – it looks especially bad alongside the slogan!

And…that’s it!! That was easy, wasn’t it?!

Make Up Bag SVG Slogan Natural Look

Anyway – this is a free svg so please do have a go yourself and show us the results! 🙂

Get your FREE SVG by filling in the form below:

Free Make-up Bag SVG File

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