Making a Pop-up Concentric Rainbow Hearts Birthday Card

Pop-up Card with Concentric Hearts on the Cricut Maker

Despite appearances, this impressive card is very simple to make – though the design is really rather complex, the file and the machine do all the work together! And you’re in luck…I’ve designed the file for you!

I know there are hearts in it but I’m really glad to be creating a birthday card now as I have a house full of unsent Valentine’s cards now after this year’s blitz!

Though it’s simple, I think the effect is dramatic – and you can make it in various versions.

The ones shown in the photo above use lots of interlocking sections, so you can do them in whatever different colour combinations you fancy.

However, the file includes a version where the interior of the card is all in one colour:

Pink concentric pop-up hearts on the Cricut


Though most of the action is on the interior of the card, we think the front looks rather fab too!

Birthday Pop Up Card

If you’re using a Cricut to cut this card you’ll need to to use a fine blade and a stylus.

Anyway – you will need:

A few sheets of A4 lightweight craft card in the colours of your choosing. (I used a pack of pastel colours from B&M).


Our SVG File

Er…that’s it!

Preparing the pattern:

This is actually the most complex part of the whole thing – you need to convert some of the lines to score lines. If you’re making the single-colour version, you’ll need to score as follows:

Score lines on Cricut hearts card

If you make it in its multi-coloured form, there’ll be more things to cut and glue but the scoring is easy – simply score anything that isn’t the outer shape!

Assembling the pieces of the multi-coloured card:

This is either easy (if you’re using one colour of card) or SUPER-easy!

If you’ve used a single piece of card, this will be the result:

If you’ve used lots of colours, you’ll have something a bit more like this. Now, someone else (I would never do such a thing) told me that these pieces look rather rude. I really can’t think what they’re talking about, but I just thought I’d warn you.

I’m going to do the single-colour version first though:

For the multi-coloured version, start with the smallest heart. Put some dots of glue on the top of the flaps as shown:

Cricut heart cut-out with glue applied

Take the piece that’s slightly larger, and position it on top of the flaps as shown. It will fit together perfectly, so take some time to adjust it.

Repeat the process with the next-size-up piece:

Joining together heart-shaped Cricut-cut paper pieces

And again with the next-size-up piece…

Gluing together Cricut-cut heart pieces

The penultimate piece comes next…

Gluing Cricut-cut hearts together

Finish with the largest piece:

Five Cricut-cut concentric paper hearts glued together

Once they’re all together, put glue on the bottom tabs of all of them, and then slide on the card inner piece:

Half a Cricut-cut birthday card with hearts

Now, you’ll have a multi-coloured version of the card. If you’re doing the single-coloured card, you’ll already have this, but in one colour only. Repeat! As you’re going to need two of them!

Getting them ready from now on is the same process:

  1. Starting with the smallest heart at the front, push the different shapes out, folding where the score lines are – that’s at the bottom of each piece, as well as the two folds on each of the flaps. Folding out the pop up hearts
  2.  Work your way towards the back and repeat on the other piece:Two halves of the pop up hearts card
  3. Then, glue the back of the largest heart shape and join it to the back of the largest heart on the other sheet. We’re getting there!Aerial view of pop-up hearts

The cover of the card:

4. Fold the cover of the card (i.e. the ‘Happy Birthday’ section) , and the inner cover (which is the same size but without the message), and glue them together. The section with the message on is a very intricate cut, and needs weeding – and then glueing – very carefully. I recommend using glitter card (I used B&M’s glitter card – which I find fab!); even high-quality card ‘normal’ stock and a sharp blade looked a bit messy…whereas the glitter looks pretty fab, I reckon!

Birthday Pop Up Card

5. Once this is done, apply glue liberally to the inside of the card and carefully position and affix the hearts section (in firmly upright position!) and leave to dry.

We’re done!

Fancy having a go yourself? Get your hands on the Heart Pop-up Birthday Card template!

If you need an envelope, then we’ve got a lovely C5-sized envelope pattern for free here on the CraftAGoGo Facebook group (with a free romantic card pattern thrown in!)

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