‘Pot of Gold’ Personalised Rainbow Moneybox FREE Cricut File SVG DXF EPS

Personalised Moneybox FREE FILE for Cricut SVGAh…the famous moneyboxes!

These hit Poundland in the UK at some point last year, and lots and lots of people personalised them. I can see why; they’re such a great shape! Really curved and chunky – and the price is hard to resist!

You can, of course, use this svg to customise any moneybox at all.

You’ll need:

  • A moneybox – as we said, ours is from Poundland, but you can customise any moneybox you like!
  • Small amounts of adhesive vinyl (I’m using Oracal 651) in black, white, red, orange, yellow, blue, violet and indigo (a sort of…jeans colour really!)
  • Transfer tape (I’m using the famous book cover from Wilko but any book cover will work as long as you take most of the stick off first by repeatedly pushing it against a clean sheet!)
  • Our FREE file (enter your details below and it’ll be sent to you via email)
  • A message in the font of your choice – PLEASE NOTE – I’ve used Queen of Heaven font but you can use whichever you prefer. You also might wish to make it slightly larger (but still within the dimensions of the pot!)

Preparing the pattern:

  1. This one is really easy -Import the file into a New Project.

Pot of Gold MoneyboxNB: Initially, the pot was black…but it looked a lot more like ‘Natalie’s Pot of Marmite’! Which I’m all for, but still…

2. Now, click on the image and then Ungroup (in the top of the right-hand margin).

3. Create your message! My message (unless you’re called Natalie and like the font!) is there for guidance. You need to create your own instead! To do this:

  • open a text box on the document, by clicking the ‘T’ icon in the left-hand margin.
  • type your Message in the pop-up box, and change the size, font and alignment in the top menu, using the drop-downs. As I mentioned – I used Queen of Heaven in size 30 point – but you might prefer to make it larger – do whatever works for you!
  • If you DO use Queen of Heaven (or any similar handwriting font), you will have to move the letters so they join up, using a combination of Line Space (again, in the top menu – alter the number and watch the letters move horizontally!) and THEN Ungroup the letters (by Clicking on ‘Advanced’ and Selecting ‘Ungroup to Letters’).
  • Once you’ve got the letters where you want them (slide them over the pot to see how they’ll best fit (take great care not to spill over the edge of it!), select the text you’ve drawn and Weld! Your message is now in one piece!
  • Change the message colour to white (by clicking on the circle next to it in the right-hand margin, and choosing the white square when the Layer Attributes panel comes up.
  • Delete the message ‘Natalie’s Pot of Gold’ (I promise not to sulk!) and put your own in its place.

3. You now need to (in the right-hand margin) go through all the pieces in the different colours that match and Attach them (using the paperclip icon at the bottom of the items in the right-hand margin). Don’t forget to include the stars! (Don’t be too sad if you don’t – you won’t find it too difficult without them…but a lot of people find them helpful with layering). If this doesn’t make sense, scroll down to see the pictures where we line up the stars to layer more accurately!

  • So – group all the white letters together (from your message!) with the two white stars…then Attach them.
  • Then select the yellow ray from the rainbow (and the coins at either side) and then the two yellow stars, and Attach them
  • The others are all easy as they’re single pieces – all you need to do (if you’re using them!) select the piece, then the matching colour stars, and then Attach

Now…you’re ready to cut!

Cutting the pattern:

I’ve found that, for me, Design Space can be quite random in the order it chooses the mats! But it brought the white mat up first for me – as you can see it’s arranged with the stars at the top, which is how we want it.

Cutting Mat for Pot of Gold Moneybox Design


Mat ready to cut out Moneybox Pattern on Cricut

Weeding the pattern:

The only potentially tricky part on this pattern is the writing on the pot – and I think this font is actually really very easy to weed (especially considering how small it is!) The main things you need to take care of (as ever!) are the apostrophe and the dot over the eye. Definitely use your weeding (or dentistry!) tools for this bit!

You’ll end up with something like this (I’ve been quite efficient with my vinyl here, hence the weird shapes!)

Cut out pieces for moneybox

Putting the pattern together:

Once the weeding is done, take your transfer tape (if you’re using book cover, as I am, make it a bit less sticky first by pressing it against clean fabric several times, otherwise you’ll have a bit of a battle pulling it away from your finished design!).

Now – this bit is quite important! the order to apply them to your transfer tape is as follows:

  1. White (the writing on the front of the pot): this is obviously sticky-side up!White text on transfer tape for moneybox Cricut
  2. Yellow (this is the yellow part of the rainbow, the gold in the pot and the three coins at the side of the pot!)Layering on Cricut Moneybox
  3. Orange (the ray attached to the pot)Adding orange to a rainbow layering on Cricut
  4. Red
  5. Green
  6. Blue
  7. ‘Indigo’ (!)
  8. Violet

You’ll end up with something like this:

Finished transfer tape for Cricut Moneybox

Now…apply it to the moneybox! Use the rim of the box as a guide (lining up the edge of the rainbow against it) and press a line down the middle of the design before pushing gently outwards with your finger in small circular movements. Applying a Cricut-made vinyl decal to a moneybox

This is probably the most difficult part of the process – the curve of the moneybox makes the pattern quite hard to smooth while avoiding creases or air bubbles. You might have to resort to a few slices around the edge of the moneybox (I certainly did!) However, take your time and you’ll get there!

Personalised Moneybox SVG for Cricut

This design is a FREE SVG (or DXF or EPS or PNG or PDF if you prefer!) so please do have a go yourself and don’t forget to show us the results! 🙂

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