Print and Cut Rainbow Stickers or Straw Toppers on the Cricut FREE SVG EPS PNG PDF

Rainbow Straw Toppers and Stickers

This is a super-quick make, and a perfect opportunity to use the magical Print and Cut setting!

Things have apparently moved on since the parties of my childhood, where the classic combo of pickled onion, tinned pineapple and a square of Red Leicester on a stick were the height of sophistication! You can’t have a party without straw toppers now!

Let’s get going!

You will need:

  • Printable sticker paper
  • Medium weight cardstock (I used light blue cardstock from Poundworld Plus!)
  • Our FREE SVG File (simply fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll send it to you pronto!

Importing the file:

  1. Create a New Project and import the rainbowstrawtopper.svg (or whichever format you’re using) file.
  2. Click on the images and Ungroup (select this from the right-hand margin).
  3. Select the colourful rainbow and (again, in the right-hand margin), click on ‘Flatten.’ You will see that, in the menu items on the right hand side, all of the separate pieces in the colourful rainbow are shown as one, and a Print icon has appeared alongside it in place of the Scissors icon. This shows that the machine is ready to Print and Cut!
    Flattening Rainbow Image for Print and Cut Stickers
  4. Select the other ‘ghost’ rainbow, along with the slits:Attaching a rainbow in the Cricut
  5. Choose Attach (in the right hand margin).
  6. Now, copy and paste both pieces until you have as many straw toppers as you want to make.Rainbow stickers and strawtoppers SVG

And…we’re ready to cut! That was easy, wasn’t it?!

Cutting the Pattern:

  1. Once you’ve clicked ‘Make It!’ your screen will show the Print and Cut layout (with thick black border – this indicates to your Cricut where the image starts and finishes) that’ll be sent to your printer.Print and Cut Rainbow Stickers on Cricut
  2. Once your printer has done its work, take the sticker sheet out of the computer and stick it to your cutting mat.
  3. Insert the mat into your Cricut, and your machine will start to examine the sheet and cut it appropriately.nserting cutting mat for Print and Cut on the Cricut Maker
  4. You’ve now got your stickers! Rainbow Stickers Cricut SVG
  5. Now, the computer is ready to cut the back pieces for the straw toppers.Backs of rainbow straw toppers SVG

Assembling the straw toppers:

You’ll now have a little collection of straw topper stickers and back pieces:Pieces for Rainbow Straw ToppersYou can of course use the stickers as…well, stickers, but if you want to use them as straw toppers, simply:

  1. Put the plain straw topper on a straw, bending it slightly to open the slits before sliding through the straw
  2. Peel the back from the sticker to reveal its adhesive side.Making a Rainbow Straw Topper
  3. Apply the sticker to the piece on the straw.

That’s it!!

Rainbow Straw Toppers and Stickers Made on Cricut

Free Rainbow Strawtopper Cut File

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