Free Etsy Cheat Sheet for Crafters

Crocheted wedding couple

The first thing I sold on Etsy…personalised crocheted wedding couples…in a former lifetime!

I’m still getting lots of positive feedback for the Etsy Cheat Sheet which I put out as a freebie in January, so I thought I’d create a page for it! Fill in the form below and the guide is yours, free!

Things have changed slightly since then – Boardbooster is no more (so I’ve removed the reference to that!) but the rest of it is as true now as it was then.

Etsy itself has made changes, but it’s still a great place for crafters to sell their wares. Why?

  • It is extremely inexpensive compared to eBay (for example). Yep, that’s even after last year’s fee changes
  • It’s a huge marketplace with a loyal audience looking for ‘something different’
  • Unlike eBay, where it’s extremely easy to get trapped into a ‘race to the bottom’ with competitive prices, it’s possible to charge a fair price and make a profit
  • You can sell digital products on there. How fantastic is that?!
  • If you follow a few simple rules, you can make sure you rank well in the search engines and get seen by more customers. And of course…more views=more buyers=more profit!

What are the rules though? Funnily enough, I’ve written a FREE cheatsheet especially to help you navigate them and build a successful  business. There are lengthy and expensive online courses to teach these methods…but I’ve distilled them into two pages of gold! Fill in the form below and start your journey to Etsy mastery!

It makes my day when I hear how this has helped you, or when you share the files you make up, so please drop me a line if you do give these ideas a try – or if I can help you, of course!

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